About Us

Community farming initiative

Who are we?

The United African Farm project is a community-based initiative founded and run by the members of African descent, with the aim of bridging the inter-generational and cultural gap within their community, through adopting the farming model, market showcase, capacity building and cultural excursion within the community.

What we do?

Farm production, Community gardening and events

Cultural Excursion and exchange programs

African market showcase

Capacity Building and employment


We want to become a leading voice and inspiration in creating a healthy, active empowered, multi-generational and inter-cultural in Cardinia Shire and its surrounds


The United African Farm aims to create a community of different cultures and minds that can unify, empower and support its members regardless of their background, ethnicity, or education.

How to get involved

Volunteering with us in one of our programs, attend our events, buy produce, Support our Initiative at any capacity and Spread our message.


To foster intercultural and inter generational transfer of knowledge and culture by creating strong connections with our children through farming and community outreach program here in Cardinia Shire and its surroundings.

Our Board


Mrs Abiola Ajetomobi – Chair

Mr Mabor Chadhuol – Secretary

Mrs Aluel Aliet – Director

Mr Joseph Chitambo – Director

Ms Laytay Tuazama – Director

Mama Queyea Tuazama – Co-Founder and Director