DATE: 19/08/2022


The United African farm is thrilled to announce that it has further strengthened its partnership with VicHealth through the Future Healthy multi-year grant.

The United African Farm (UAF) is a community-based initiative founded and run by members of African descent. The initiative brings together different cultures and tribes to unify, empower and support each other regardless of their background, ethnicity, or education. We are creating a system of humans with a common goal of bridging the inter-generational and inter-cultural gap through adopting the farming model, market showcase, capacity building, cultural exchange and access to culturally appropriate fresh food. The UAF operates on the principle that human rights to food exist because of equal access and control of the food system, hence the Ubuntu Food hub Initiative.

The Victorian Health Promotion Foundation (VicHealth) Future Healthy grant aimed at boosting the Victorian Food Hubs would allow UAF to expand, increase food production and offer youth traineeship and capacity building on the farm. Engaging with more youth and transferring intergenerational knowledge will ensure a long-lasting legacy and cultural heritage for the United African farm.

Sarah Loh, Executive Manager, Future Healthy Group, VicHealth. “This program puts young people at the centre of transforming our food system. This is building a space that puts nutritious, delicious food onto plates around Victoria.’

 “These Food Hubs represent a major investment in VicHealth’s Future Healthy initiative. It allows us to increase access to locally produced and healthy foods in regional and urban fringe communities too.”

With the support of our auspice organisation, Sustain: The Australian Food Network, UAF would be able to satisfy the VicHealth requirements of creating a food hub, funding traineeships and mobilising the united African communities.

The chair of the UAF Board, Abiola Ajetomobi, said, “we are thrilled by the announcement and, most importantly, the increased opportunity our community has been afforded to realise our vision of intergenerational access to healthy, sustainable, affordable and culturally appropriate food.

Abiola thanked VicHealth, their auspice organisation-Sustain Food Network, The Cardinia Shire Council and all UAF partners and members for their unwavering commitment to realising the vision of UAF Ubuntu Food Hub.

 She said, “Bringing other cultures and broader Cardinia Shire residents and Melburnians to the farm is a heart-warming experience, and our UAF members can’t wait to bring the Ubuntu food Hub to life. And to know we now have the resources to centre youth traineeship and leadership in addressing the food system is such an exciting outcome for the farm.”



Media Contact, Thuch Ajak – 0426 157 709